Website closing soon…

This site will no longer be available from 15th February 2021.

While we haven’t posted anything in nye on three years, many recipes continue to be popular and frequently visited to this day. So we hope this message gives you time to mine the info you need to keep returning to your favourite dishes long after Charlie Big Potatoes is no more!

A huge thanks to all our subscribers, commenters and likers for your support and interest in our blog, it has meant a huge amount to us along the way.

This is Charlie signing out, it was fun while it lasted!!

All the best x

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We’re all about seasonal, sustainable living here at Charlie’s. Welcome to our site, where we love to share environmentally conscious recipes that are givin’ it Charlie Big Potatoes.

Come on in, have a look around, you might like what you find.

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Upma is made from semolina and we’ll take it over rice any day.

It’s ready in 5 mins with no chopping, so flavourful and much lighter than rice – and veegs! Continue reading “Upma”

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Tofu Scramble

Hard to beat a good tofu scramble, hey. This one’s got peppers and black beans and the all important turmeric too.

Fully veegs.

Serving suggestion for the Blueberry and Ginger Quinoa Granola, with almond yoghurt, keeping it veegs, watermelon and maple syrup.

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